Jim Cramer's catch phrases

  1. Boo-yah! 
  2. (That stock is) en fuego.
  3. Are you ready, skee-daddy?! It's the The Lightning Round on Cramer's Mad Money!
  4. Hit me! / Speak to me. (when he takes phone calls)
  5. You! Me! Let's try to make some MO-NEY!!!... Mad Money! (during the opening sequence)
  6. There's always a bull market somewhere, and I promise to try and find it just for you. (usually at the end of the show)
  7. Go cry to your mother.
  8. Wake up and smell the coffee / the hard prices.
  9. Diversification is the only free lunch.
  10. Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs/hogs get slaughtered!!!
  11. I wish I'd own that company myself.
  12. Uh–uh. (That stock's) not for me.
  13. Best of breed. (you know I like / stick with best of breed)
  14. Dive! Dive! Dive!
  15. "Back 'em up!", "C'mon back!", "Load up / back up the truck!", "'Mon back!" (refers to backing up a semi-trailer to a loading dock to buy a lot of a particular stock he considers undervalued, used with his sound effect of the beeping truck).
  16. Ring the register (i.e., sell the stock, or some of it, to take profits).
  17. Are you an arbitrageur? We don't need arbitrageurs.
  18. I like to schnitzel a bit / take some profit.
  19. Some people try to make friends, I just try to make money. (Note: His "others make friends but I make money" line is often varied for each broadcast. On the early shows in 2006 Cramer proclaimed as his New Year's resolution that he has changed and wants to make friends, as well as help them make money. However, at the beginning of the January 6 show, he reveals that everyone can't keep New Year's resolutions forever, and is once again about making "mad money" and not friends.)
  20. Here on Mad Money, we don't care where the stock's coming from, it's where it's going!
  21. My job is to not only entertain you, but to educate you!
  22. You know, I gotta tell ya...
  23. The book! The book!/Holy cow, the book! (used when a caller mentions Cramer's book, he will then grab the book and flash it on the screen before tossing it aside)
  24. That's (ticker symbol) for all you home gamers (for example, if Cramer were discussing Wal-Mart, he would say "that's WMT for all you home gamers")
  25. OK. Let's understand each other here...
  26. I'd give that stock two thumbs up (sometimes one thumb up), and we're taking it way up! (Recently, he has referenced a drinking game, that has college students taking two shots of tequila each time he gives the two thumbs up to a stock; he does not endorse that behavior, and it is uncertain if this is real or part of his routine.)
  27. The bottom line... (this usually signifies either the end of a segment followed by a closing summary of a stock he was talking about before taking calls or going to commercial)
  28. You stick/stay with [the stock] and you stick/stay with Cramer! (usually said at the end of The Lightning Round)
  29. Oh man! (typically said when somebody says a unique 'boo-ya' statement)

Boo-yah! catch phrase used by Cramer and his listeners

On Tuesday, May 24, 2005, a viewer asked Cramer by e-mail on Mad Money's Mad Mail segment what his boo-yah! catch phrase means, and Cramer replied he himself did not have a clue.

On the next day, Wednesday, May 25, 2005, two viewers e-mailed him on his Mad Money program and said that Cramer's boo-yah! catch phrase is similar to the Booyah registered trademark of the Booyah Bait Company [1] or to the phrase of SportsCenter's Stuart Scott, but Cramer answered that his phrase is not copied from that company nor from Stuart Scott, and that he apologizes for any similarities, since his boo-yah phrase means "Are you ready to make some money?"

The boo-yah phrase has since become an opening greeting for his callers, similar to the "dittos" used by Rush Limbaugh callers. A recent trend (late 2005-early 2006) has been for callers to have their young children shout boo-yah; Cramer will then fall to his knees and push the "crowd cheering" button. Another up-and-coming trend on the show is the "stuttering" boo-yah, "b-b-b-b-ooo-yah!"

Cramer has since come up with a new phrase, "Are you ready, skee-daddy? It's the Lightning Round on Jim Cramer's Mad Money!"



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